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Support Women's Water Polo on BU Giving Day

Thank you for being a friend of BU Women's Water Polo. We rely on friends like you to support our BU Water Polo community. Help us defend out title as ""Club Sports Giving Day Champions."" Please share this page with your personal and professional networks to increase our chances.

What does your donation go towards? This money assists with equipment travel, paying for lifeguards at practice, covering league fees, and putting on our annual home tournament at Austin Brashears' Memorial Alumni Tournament. If you're reading this and you're an alumni, we hope to see you there on Saturday, April 28, 2019. Annual travel costs are $4000, league fees are $3000, new goals are $2800, and a shot clock is $1200. All these costs are the responsibility of the students, which is why Giving Day is SO IMPORTANT. What can your donation amount support?

• $15 subsidizes a water polo suit for new player.

• $25 pays for a new practice ball.

• $65 pays a student's dues for the semester if they can't afford it. Allowing them to fully participate in our team and community here at BU.

• $100 supports a year of marketing and fundraising efforts for our team.

• $500 covers the cost of our Austin Brashears' Memorial Alumni Tournament.

Last year your generosity helped us take 2nd place in the Collegiate Water Polo Association's 2018 NE Women's Club Water Polo Championships. In addition, we were able to subsidize the cost of new, black suits for all our players and travel to Los Angeles for a training trip over winter break.

For the 24 hours on BU Giving Day, your donations go even further thanks to bonus funds! This year we are hoping to continue to strengthen our program through donors like YOU. You are the reason BU Women's Water Polo can continue to grow as a competitive team as well as foster the teamwork and leadership skills that we can utilize beyond our club sport days!

Come cheer us on during our home tournament this weekend at BU's Fitness & Recreation Center to see all the strong, female student-athletes your donation empowers every day. Thank you. Any inquiries, please reach out directly to Maddie Thomas, BU Women's Water Polo President at methomas@bu.edu

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Your Giving Matters

April 3, 2019 is BU Giving Day

For 24 hours, BU alumni, parents, students, faculty/staff, and friends will give back and celebrate the causes we care about. What will your impact be on #BUGivingDay? Spread the word about the cause at BU that matters to you, and make sure you give on April 3!

Why Donate?

Together, the BU donor network has a powerful impact. By supporting BU Women's Water Polo, you help make the University the best it can be for students, staff, and faculty—and create change on campus and around the world.