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Support Triathlon on BU Giving Day

The BU Triathlon Team is an active, highly achieving group of student-athletes in the Northeast Collegiate Triathlon Conference (NECTC). Our mission is to introduce more students to the marvelous world of multi-sport. Given the multidisciplinary nature of triathlon, our members are well-rounded athletes who excel at swimming, cycling, and running. However, our achievements would not have been realized without the support from people like you: donors, sponsors, associates, and the team’s friends and family. The coordinated efforts between our supporters and the team has allowed us to train under elite coaches, train and race with superb gear, offset costs of races, fund our transportation and lodging, and earn us medals.

We cordially ask for your support and confidence in us. Your support keeps our team running into summer and fall races. And your confidence is the voice that keeps us running towards finish line.

Your gift on April 3 helps earn bonus funds for BU Club Sports.

For more information about the team, please visit or any of our social media pages ( ( (

For more information about triathlons and multi-sport in the conference and on the national scale, visit and

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Your Giving Matters

April 3, 2019 is BU Giving Day

For 24 hours, BU alumni, parents, students, faculty/staff, and friends will give back and celebrate the causes we care about. What will your impact be on #BUGivingDay? Spread the word about the cause at BU that matters to you, and make sure you give on April 3!

Why Donate?

Together, the BU donor network has a powerful impact. By supporting BU Triathlon, you help make the University the best it can be for students, staff, and faculty—and create change on campus and around the world.